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8 interesting facts about Zomato

no, it's not a paid promotion. Actually, I recently ordered in zomato, and when I ate my meal I thought about zomato facts, after some research on th

8 interesting facts about Zomato

Chole Baature, Biryani, Dal Makhni, Schezwan Momos, Dosa, Chicken Butter and off-course chicken biriyani all are very tasty and delightful. 

And where can I find them all?   Zomato!

no, it's not a paid promotion.

Actually, I recently ordered in zomato, and when I ate my meal I thought about zomato facts, after some research on the internet I got some interesting and amazing facts about zomato. And try to share it with you.

So let's start, 

8 interesting facts about Zomato.

1. Zomato Start as a nutritional guide

In 2008, people in Delhi were tired of manually searching the delivery menus of the various restaurants around them. 

Zomato founders Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadda took the opportunity to launch an online food guide service. 

They called it FoodieBay. 

And  Foodiebay has become the largest and most popular restaurant guide in all of Delhi.

 2. FoodieBay has been renamed to zomato

We always hear the Hindi phrase "Naam main kya Rakha hai", but for startups and brands, it becomes vital to have a fast and attractive name that fits their business offerings. 

With the same in mind, Deepinder and Pankaj renamed FoodieBay to  Zomato in 2010. 

When asked in an interview about the rebranding, Debinder said Zomato means a pun for "tomato". 

The founders also wanted to avoid confusion with eBay, as they would expand globally in the future. 

3. largest startup IPO in India

Why do companies go public? because they need money. Zomato raised $ 1.26 billion or Rs. In the acceptance of 9372, the shares are priced in rupees. 76 each. The Zomato IPO was hit by around 38 oversubscriptions on the last day of the offering. 

IPO is one of the most prominent startups in India. 

4. Increase profitability

The closure affected many businesses, but Zomato has risen as a champion! 

Sales increased from Rs. 130 billion.

Rs 280 billion in 2019 In FY2020, food delivery activity is already in the black at the EBITDA level. 

In the second quarter of 2019, it burned around rupees. 290 C. per month. 

5. zomato work in International

Most people may think that Zomato works only in India because they are Indian emerging companies. 

but the fact is Zomato is even in over 10,000 cities around the world. 

Do you want to hear something exciting about zomato? 

India's only food delivery app operates in 24 countries including Sri Lanka, UK, Philippines, UAE and Qatar. 

The company also has excellent restaurants around the world.

6. marketing facts about zomato

From sending out Cholly Weeds invitation emails to using happy delivery guys' faces on social media, Zomato's marketing campaign was perfect. 

I can't ignore it when I see it. It looks red, but it's probably a Zomato ad. 

More than 40 million users took part in the Zomato Premier League campaign. 

Zomato used a Bollywood reference: "Too Cheese Badi Hai Mast mast"
- To attract all those who love extra cheese! Let us know your favourite Zomato ads in the comments. 

7.  The most wanted dish in India 

Well, no surprises here. The most popular dish in India is Biryani! 

Zomato alone received over 44 million orders during the 2020 pandemic. It's as if Zomato were handing out 22 biryani in one minute. Order your biryani now!

8. The most expensive zomato order ever

Can you guess the most expensive order placed on Zomato? 10,000 rupees?

 20,000 rupees?


No,  it was an astonishing Rs. 2 lakh orders. To be precise it was a Rs. 1,99,950 order. Interestingly, those who ordered also got enough discounts to buy the new iPhone 12 Mini.

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